Rio is the birthplace of cultural movements that go beyond the frontiers of the city to the Brazil and the world. For instance the many musical trends that started in Rio: the first Brazilian samba “Pelo Telefone” was born on a Rio hillside in 1917.

Carnival incorporated the samba around 1920. The “chorinho” appeared at the end of the XIV century and made history thoungh many great composers, Later Bossa Nova appeared, the MPB (Brazilian Pop Music), and Brazilian Rock. Rhythms that were born in Rio or just stayed here by choice.

Apart from music and the icons of Brazilian architecture, such as the Modern Art Museum, the Gustavo Capanema Palace, and the Municipal Theater, Rio has visual arts schools that created a whole new generation of talent. There is also a circus school and the largest complex for audio-visual production in the country. There are spaces dedicated to art in all forms, to gastronomy, the cinema, theater music, soccer, and popular art.

Rio is cultural sounding board that reverberates all around the country and the world.