The Brazilian culinary is a product of cultural tradition, geography and circumstances of its drastically different regions. The different dishes that today compound what is known as Brazilian Cuisine emerged from the dominant culture present in a region: Portuguese and – mostly -Native Brazilian Indian in the North; a combination of Portuguese, Native Brazilian Indian, and African in the Northeast and part of the Southeast (up to the very south of Minas Gerais); mainly Native Brazilian Indian and Portuguese in the West, and Portuguese and other Europeans (Italians, Germans, Austrians, Russians, Polish, French etc.) from Sao Paulo state to the south border of Rio Grande do Sul.

This is not a rigid classification by any means, for in every region there will be a sub-influence of this or that group, collaborating for a different development in the local cuisine, but it is a safe guideline for anyone interested in learning why it is so difficult, if not impossible, to classify under one label, the incredible gastronomic variety available today in Brazil.

As for Brazilian drinks, fruit juices will be honoured. You will discover new flavours, including sipping a glass of Acai berry juice. Guarana juice is also an exotic soft drink to be tested without hesitation. You have a weakness for alcoholic beverages? The famous Caipirinha, a delicious cocktail from Cachaça, a sugar cane alcohol accompanied by crushed ice and lime, will intoxicate your senses!