Brazilian mythology is the subset of Brazilian folklore with cultural elements of diverse origin found in Brazil, comprising folk tales, traditions, characters and beliefs regarding places, peoples, and entities. The category was originally restricted to indigenous elements, but has been extended to include:

  • Medieval iberic traditions brought by the Portuguese settlers, some of which are forgotten or very disminished in Portugal itself; as well as other European nations folklore, such as Italy, Germany and Poland.
  • African traditions brought by Africans to Brazil as slaves during the colonial times—including their religious beliefs;
  • Lives of Saints and other devotional elements propagated by the Catholic Church which were appropriated by the folklore;
  • Elements originated in Brazil by the contact of the three different traditions;
  • Contemporary elements that are re-elaborations of old traditions.

Because Brazil is a melting pot of cultures, many elements of Brazilian mythology are shared by the traditions of other countries, especially its South American neighbors and Portugal.